The Best Wines to Pair with Your Summer Activities


With the unofficial start of summer behind us, schedules start to get packed with beach days, road trips, and backyard BBQs. Each of which warrant pairing wines that enhance the experience, and make each memory even more memorable.

Beach Day – Gala Rosé

Laying by the ocean with a warm sea breeze blowing and the sun’s rays beating down often is the epitome of summer days for many people. While it’s a casual day, the feeling of living a life of luxury and leisure elicits the need for a wine that is both fun, approachable, and yet also a bit sophisticated and elegant.

For these days, bring a Gala Winery Merlot-Frankovka Rosé. Beginning with its stunning deep pink hue, just pouring it in your plastic beach-friendly glass makes you feel a bit glam. The aromas of fresh fruits are perfect with the scent of fresh seawater, and you may even get a hint of ocean rose. Highly drinkable, the flavor is light yet structured, allowing you to drink this  #RoseAllDay.

Road Trip – Krásná hora Sauvignon Blanc

Part of the enjoyment of the road trip is that you never know what to expect. And the unexpected is most likely going to happen. From car troubles, to traffic, to unknown hotels or finding the last room in the local motel, you need to be ready for anything with an open mind and open heart. Experiencing the unplanned and interacting with people you didn’t expect broadens the mind and spirit.

For this, you need a wine that is ready for anything. The wine that can be drank alone while waiting for your late dinner reservation, or enjoyed with street food or the local taco truck. Grab yourself a bottle of Krásná hora Winery Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is smooth yet structured and will please lovers of both old world and new world style Sauvignon Blancs with its balanced minerality and its floral aromas.

Backyard BBQ – Volařík Müller-Thurgau or Krásná hora Zwegelt-Pinot blend

My personal favorite – the summer backyard BBQ.  This brings together all my favorite things – friends, family, good food, warm sunshine, and great wine. These get-togethers create the Instagram-worthy pictures that make those who missed it jealous.  Food can be from pretty casual (Bubba burgers, anyone?) to sophisticated grilled delicacies (marinated Chilean Sea bass with grilled avocados – yum!). So you need a wine that can adapt with the mood.

Try a Volařík Winery Müller-Thurgau. Besides being the one bringing a wine that most people have likely not ever heard of, let alone drank, you’ll be bringing a wine that is versatile and easy drinking. This dry white wine can be a simple porch drinker, or enhance grilled poultry and seafood and is a popular local choice in Moravia.

Or if you’re a red drinker, try my favorite summer red, the Krásná hora Winery Zweigelt-Pinot Noir blend. You get the juicy fruitiness from the Zweigelt grape paired with the earthiness of the Pinot Noir to create a fun, very drinkable light-bodied red perfect to pair with anything on the grill.