Fulfill Your WINEderlust – Introducing Brilliant Wines Club!

It has been an exciting journey sharing our brilliant wines from central Europe with the trade. The response we have received for these artisan wines produced by small, mostly family run wineries has validated our obsession with bringing these wines to the States. We heard buyers at USATT in New York City saying things like “these are the best wines of the event!” You can enjoy a glass or a bottle at restaurants in the Catskills and Long Island regions of New York. And soon you’ll be picking up bottles at retailers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are excited to continue to grow working with our partners of current and new distributors, restaurants and retailers.

However traditional distribution is not keeping up with demand. We have had many requests from consumers to purchase wines that we cannot fulfill – until now!

As a result, we are thrilled to announce Brilliant Wines Club!


We’ve always loved the idea of a wine club. We have been members of various clubs over the years, and the fun and delight of receiving new wines at our door that expand our wine knowledge of various grapes, styles, and regions has been a fantastic experience. And besides - it’s kind of like Christmas when you open the box and get a surprise you know you’ll enjoy!

So now the details! Club members will receive hand selected wines once every three months of wines that are available in that shipment only. After receiving the wines, if there is one (or all!) of the selections you just can’t live without, members can reorder online at a discounted price. Club members can select to have 3 or 6 bottle shipments for $69 and $129 respectively. These bottles average around $25/bottle, so not only is it fun, but it’s also a bit of a deal!

Brilliant Wines Club is in pre-launch now, and you can sign up with your email for early bird access and get notified when the club launches in your state. Of course there is no obligation - just the convenience of being notified when your state is available for shipping. Early bird members who signup during the pre-launch period will also receive a special gift in their first shipment! We swore we wouldn’t tell what it is - but we think you’ll dig it. :-)  Gift cards and and gift memberships will also be available - just in time for your holiday shopping.

So we’d love for you to continue the journey with us, and fulfill your WINEderlust by joining us to receive Brilliant Wines!

Visit https://brilliantwinesclub.com.


Amanda Wilson