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Gala Winery produces original wines of superior quality. They follow the historical traditions of Moravian viticulture, contributing to landscape maintenance and protection while respecting an ecologically sound approach. Their wines originate from outstanding locations, grown on historically renowned vineyards with a specific origin, providing the wines with unique and out-of-the-ordinary character.

Winemaker Jaromír Gala was born in Kobylí (South Moravia) in a wine-making family. Both his grandfathers were owners of vineyards and produced wine. His father also continued the family viticultural tradition, whose development was unfortunately limited by the then political regime. According to a family tale, at the age of five, Jaromír cut his first vine bush using a pair of poultry carvers.

He graduated from the Secondary School of Viticulture in Valtice and then Mendel University of Forestry and Agriculture in Brno, specializing in wine-making and viticulture at the Department in Lednice. One of his university professors was Vilém Kraus.

Meeting Ing. Josef Peřina was his first important professional milestone. Together they worked in the Company Mikros – Mikulov Wines (formerly ZOD Mikulov). In 1999, he co-founded the Tanzberg Mikulov Winery, where he worked as the Managing Director for eight years.

He also gained valuable experience in the wine-making area of Wachau (Austria), Pentington (Canada) or when visiting wine-making companies in France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, California, and Georgia.

Jaromir relies on those varieties proven and renowned over a long period of time, searching for what he believes belongs inseparably to the Pálava region and what also offers a certain story. Each individual variety may only be planted where there is a chance to produce unique wine from its grapes. And it seems to be working. Their 2015 Hermes Welschriesling was awarded 98 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London in 2017.

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