View the Winery: Krásná hora Virtual Tour

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And while I tend to agree - pictures still don’t quite do Krásná hora justice.


We stumbled across Vinařství Krásná hora - quite literally - during our vacation while traveling from Prague to Vienna. After we learned about Moravian wine while enjoying some fantastic meals in Prague, we decided to take a quick detour on our way to Vienna and drop by a few of the wineries along the way. In the middle of the tranquil Czech countryside, we relied heavily on our GPS to get us to our destinations. After hearing “turn left onto ten-thousdand-four-hundred-seventeenth street,” I turned to Heidi and said, “maybe this wasn’t a great idea…”

But we turned. We quickly were led into a quaint village, and shortly after arrived at what would become our first partner in Moravia to export their wines to the US with us.

We arrived around 4pm on a weekday, and it looked like they were closing up shop. I’m sure answering the door they were not expecting two American women asking to taste their wines, but they could not have been more gracious. After locating Marek, the winery director and vineyard manager who spoke the best English, they ushered us in, showed us around the winery, and ultimately settled us in their stunning tasting room. A line of wines quickly started to appear - and after 3+ hours, we thanked them for their generous hospitality.

We didn’t know then that this family would be the first we would work with in our “professional” wine lives. We have learned their graciousness and pride in their brilliant wines is not just a family trait, but a characteristic of many of the winemakers of Moravia. And the rest as they say, is history.

Take a moment to view our pictorial tour to get a feel for the winery and learn a bit more about them. It doesn’t hold a candle to meeting them in person, so next time you are looking to fulfill your winederlust - take a trip to Moravia and drop by!

Third generation wine maker at Krásná hora, Ondřej Dubas, will be joining us in the US this coming March. He will be attending Vinexpo in NYC with us, but check back for updates on where else he’ll be. Be sure to come meet Ondřej while he’s here in the States!

Amanda Wilson