New Year - New Wines!

Often with the coming of the New Year, people vow to make resolutions. Now I am personally not a resolution-er.  I prefer to make goals, set some objectives for the year, and reflect on how lucky and blessed I have been for the previous year. I mean, I’m importing some of the most delicious, beautiful wines in the world and working with some amazing people to do so. What more could I ask?

In the spirit of the New Year, I would however propose a goal - or maybe a challenge - to you to help make 2018 a fresh and exciting year. The goal is this: Try as many new (to you) wines as you can in 2018.  


Besides the obvious selfish reason why I propose this challenge to you (you really need to try Moravian wine if you have not before!), trying new things have way more benefits than it does risks. Studies have shown going out of your comfort zone and trying something new while it can be daunting, can prove to improve your quality of life, health, and happiness. Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and Wanderlust are just a few publications promoting the benefits of trying new things.

Here are a few of their reasons trying something new is good for you:

Helps you overcome fear. Some level of fear is always present when trying something new, but our minds tend to exaggerate things. The fear will cease and you’ll learn the reality of the mental block standing between you and some new experience.

Get to know yourself better. You might think you know yourself, but you probably don’t know yourself as well as you could. When we try new things, we realize we have likes and dislikes we didn’t previously know. As we try new things, we recognize who we are and who we want to become.

Keeps you from getting bored. We become bored when not challenged, and boredom breeds lethargy and a lack of stimulation. We grow when we are challenged, not bored.

Improves your health. Trying new things also has shown to improve immune function and provide more efficient sleep.

So make it your goal - or resolution - to try new wines this year as often as the opportunity presents itself. You will not only broaden your palate, but might just live a better life!


Amanda Wilson