Cheers! The Meaning of Fivesies

Like many of you, I grew up in what I thought was a crazy family. As a kid, pretty much everything my parents did annoyed the heck out of me. But also like many of you I’m sure, as I’ve grown older I’ve realized everyone has their own version of crazy. We weren’t more or less crazy than others…just different.

One of these moments of realization was my use of the term, “fivesies.”  I seriously didn’t realize it was not a thing. My naiveté was quickly remedied though. The first person not understanding I could justify. Ok, you didn’t grow up like I did; that’s cool. But as I introduced this term to more and more of my friends and acquaintances I quickly realized – oh crap, fivesies is only a Wilson thing! I guess I should explain.

Growing up, my family had a summer home on the coast of Maine. The house was built by my grandfather and each summer, we’d spend as much time there as possible. It was the kind of place that slept many, but could only shower one at a time, and had indoor/outdoor carpet in the living room so wet and dirty feet weren’t a problem. You packed up the car when you went up because besides the fact there was only one grocery and it was over 20 minutes away, the view just made you never want to leave.

It was here where my family began a tradition that I have come to realize was only our own. At 5 o’clock, before we ventured out to dinner or fired up the grill to cook on the deck, my father would proclaim “fivesies” and he and my mother and all other guests (adults) in the house would make way to the kitchen to fix themselves a drink. Vodka gimlets for my parents (sometimes wine for my mom), beer for my brother and a margarita for my sister-in-law. Guests all had their own pre-dinner preference – scotch on the rocks, gin and tonic, Pabst Blue Ribbon (you know who you are), or just iced tea – on the rocks, of course. But whatever it may be, the ritual was embraced by each and every visitor, without question.

The beauty of fivesies is in its simplicity. Pause for just a moment to share a glass of your libation of choice with those around you – family, friends new or old, or the nice lady on the deck next to you (what’s her name again?). Whomever you’re with, it’s that time before the last meal of the day where you stop for just a moment to ask how the day was and share all the small victories and defeats (you didn’t catch one crab? Tomorrow you’ll get it!).

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what a valuable tradition that had become. When I look back at those times I remember many smiles, laughter, and friendships. It’s when I realized my parents weren’t just parents, they were my friends. And their friends were mine, and mine were theirs. And while we don’t travel to Maine anymore, the tradition has continued. To the extent that my close friends have not only joined us in the tradition, but also adopted it with their own circles.  I often get text messages at 5 o’clock (somewhere) with a simple “Cheers!” attached to a photo of a beer, wine or cocktail glass. I keep each and every one of those messages.

Not in Maine - but fivesies happens all over the globe now!

Not in Maine - but fivesies happens all over the globe now!

It is in that spirit that I am so passionate about Ahtel Wines. The thought of bringing unique and quality wine so people can enjoy their own version of “fivesies” with friends and family just makes me happy. Wine is meant to be shared, enjoyed, and to create memories - whether you are on a deck in the coast of Maine or sitting on your couch relaxing on a Tuesday night. So I encourage you to take a moment and pause in your day to enjoy a glass of whatever you truly love and savor being with those around you. This tradition makes you part of our extended family. Maybe I’ll get a “cheers” text from you sometime soon!

Na zdravi! (Cheers!)